Over 2,000 people have already transformed their everyday life through our method. Even though their actions speak louder than words, it’s worth (and inspiring!) to read how they describe their experience of Global Perceptiveness… their success stories!

Welcome to our Academic and Professional Network… I am sure many students and academics will stand to benefit in the years to come.

Professor Dr. Thomas Gujarat, University of Cambridge, Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Behavioral Sciences
Professor Erantha Del Mel, PhD-DSc, Director of the American Research Institute of Neurosciences, President of the Institute of Professional Psychologists, US President’s Call to Service Award 2011
Guy J Ale, President Lifespan Seminar, Senate Member Young Scientist University, High IQ Society

Συγχαρητήρια… έχουμε την κοινή αντίληψη να κάνουμε τις δραστηριότητες της Σφαιρικής Αντιληπτικότητας παγκόσμιες… ήρθε η ώρα να την αγκαλιάσει η ανθρωπότητα.

Professor Lakshman Madurasinghe, PhD - Cambridge University Network, Chairman Board of Trustees Academic Consortium of the Americas, Secretary General Chamber of Chartered Java Professionals Intl.

It was a great pleasure to have met you both especially introducing me to Global Perceptiveness... after our short introductory session, I can honestly say the experience I felt was amazing.
I will for sure use the method you have shown me to better understand myself, make the right decisions and guiding myself to where I need to go.

Iain MacCormack, General Manager, Maradiva Villa Resort & Spa Mauritius

"My name is written on my Global Perceptiveness degree which also includes all that I have sucrified, devoted, got dettached from but also all that I suffered to acquire. It is probably the only one that makes me feel so proud when I enter my house and see it on the wall. Because that's who I am!!!"

Spyros Panagiotidis, freelancer

“…I used to feel like the most unfairly treated person on earth, my anger had made me treat others unfairly myself, eager to spread pain, become something I am not. Through the method I learned, discovered and consciously chose to spread love, because after all that’s what I am”. 

Dimitris Fragkopoulos, accountant

“Having read many books on how to change the circumstances of my life by changing the way I think, I was certain that this is possible, yet I hadn’t found a way to make it happen. I was sure that the key to one’s personal development lies in his or her ability to unlock certain areas of his brain and manage to use its full potential. It was then that I came across Global Perceptiveness. I am happy I found the way to make my dreams come true!

I feel joy and fulfillment, I love and respect myself, I am peaceful, I speak and communicate differently, it is the best phase of my life. And I am experiencing all this while no external factor has changed in my life and at a time when everyone around me is living in misery. I just changed the way I think”.

Tania Liarou, bank clerk

“Truth is, I’m studying at the school of Global Perceptiveness all these years out of instinct and satisfaction, without philosophizing or putting down the pros and cons. But a time has come when I was asked about it and then I pondered on it. It only took me 2’ to come up with the answers. It all came swirling:

Global Perceptiveness has given me the knowledge, the power and the means to set my boundaries. To focus on my goals and stay unswerving. To communicate better with myself and others. To set priorities and address all issues in my life one by one. To pay due respect to every aspect of myself. To be myself and have a good time. For details, I may need to write a book…!”

Konstantinos Rouggas, ophthalmologist, professor at the Medical School of Athens University

“I was suffering from panic attacks and intense fear of death, despite the psychotherapy sessions I was attending. I needed a tool to help me chase after fear, instead of being chased by it. I found that tool in Global Perceptiveness. Now I’m dreaming of my future, I am happy, I set goals and I work on achieving them!”

Michalis Papadakis, military officer