Self-Awareness field

  • Sessions
  • Duration
    3 hours
  • Location
  • Κλάδος Αυτογνωσίας

Self-awareness means getting to know ourselves better. To understand our needs, our wants, our motives. Our deepest desires, our personality. In order to know ourselves in depth, we need to change the way we have been taught to think, to feel, and by extension, we manifest ourselves.

As people, in order to function more consciously and not following our instincts, we need knowledge. The more consciously we operate, the happier and the fuller we feel!

Answer the following questions and discover if the time is right to learn who you really are and what is your purpose in this life!

  • Have you discovered until now your infinite potential?
  • Do you know how much strength you have within?
  • Do you know what your beliefs are and which of them prevent you from living the life you desire?
  • Have you found the essence of your life which will give meaning in your every step?
  • Does what you say you are and what you believe about yourself agree with what you do and manifest?
  • Do you feel happiness, fulfillment, completion or these feelings are defined by the circumstances you experience in your life?
  • Do you know your weaknesses and how to reinforce them?
  • Do you wonder what you can do to improve yourself and maybe the world around you?

If there is even one question from the above, that you want to answer then the ideal field for you is the Self-Awareness field.

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