Individual Counseling – Psychotherapy session

Individual psychological support/counseling session with a qualified psychologist/psychotherapist and Global Perceptiveness counselor.

  • Sessions
    Individual session
  • Duration
    1 hour
  • Location
  • Συνεδρία Συμβουλευτικής – Ψυχοθεραπείας

The individual counseling psychotherapy sessions and psychological support are carried out in a totally confidential, secure and reliable environment, with the support of trained scientists (psychologists, psychotherapists, mental health consultants, etc.) who are trained in the method of Global Perceptiveness.

During the individual counseling sessions in Global Perceptiveness, someone can...

  • talk about: "difficult" feelings and take a more relaxed attitude towards them
  • face and overcome issues that cause emotional pain or make them feel uncomfortable
  • discover a more positive outlook on life

and learn ways...

  • hot to worry less
  • to better understand themselves and the issues that most concern them
  • to feel more confident
  • to develop a better understanding of other people’s views in order to communicate effectively with their significant others in life.

Despite the complexity and the pressures of everyday life, in Global Perceptiveness, we have the knowledge that a part of our self, knows that inside each one of us there plenty and wonderful "material" that awaits us to set it free. For us, the first step on the path of personal development occurs through the counseling/psychotherapy process.

The sessions' duration is 1 hour and are held on our premises in Elefsina and Voula or online through skype! Individual sessions in English are also available!

Head of the program is the psychologist-psychotherapist and Global Perceptiveness counselor, Mrs Artemis Micha.