Cultural tourism seminars

Discover and experience the secrets, the energy and the qualities of various important archaeological sites (different each time), through two-day seminars.

  • Counselor
    Dr. Maria Leventi and Dr. Yoannis Karlaouzos
  • Σεμινάρια πολιτιστικού τουρισμού

Have you ever imagined how it would be if you made a journey out of a dream and that journey into reality?

We travel for pleasure, to meet different places, cultures and people. To fill our dream tanks with beautiful pictures and get back stronger. We travel to share real moments with those we care about, the essence of life itself...

These are some of the key reasons why we all love to travel.

But the journey is not only that. Traveling broadens our perspectives and opens our horizons. That's why we travel by organizing unforgettable cultural trips to places that inspire us with their energy to widen our knowledge.

The founders-visionaries of Global Perceptiveness Dr. Maria Leventi and Dr. Yoannis Karlaouzos have studied in depth ancient Greek literature and the wisdom of our ancestors and, since every place emits specific energy, they have concluded with the reasons why major monuments are located on specific places. For that reason, we choose each time unique places of cultural interest and organize seminars there and, by drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom, we acquire the knowledge to transform our daily lives, in an easy, simple yet innovative way.

So far we have organized seminars with 300+ people in Delos (with accommodation in Mykonos) and at the Temple of Apollo Epicurus (with accommodation in a large tourist complex in Messinia) and in Ancient Olympia (with accommodation in a large tourist complex in Kyllini). We are already planning the next cultural tourism seminar.

Come and travel with us,

and feel free to discover and rejoice!

Come and travel with us where knowledge, joy, freedom, fulfillment and fun, create dreams that come true!


Dr. Maria Leventi and Dr. Yoannis Karlaouzos, panel members of the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards, 2014-2016



Cultural tourism seminars so far


Ancient Olympia - 3rd Cultural Tourism Trip

Temple of Apollo Epicurus - 2nd Cultural Tourism Trip

Delos-1st Cultural Tourism Trip