Become a counselor

If you want to broaden your professional horizon -regardless of your areas of expertise- and at the same time inspire others to draw their own path in what is called a substantially better life, then you can become a certified Global Perceptiveness counselor. 

  • Εκπαίδευση Εκπαιδευτών

If you want to have access to the knowledge of Global Perceptiveness, to enhance the professional skills you already have -regardless of your areas of expertise- and then inspire others to discover their inner strength in order to draw their own path towards a better, fulfilling, happy life…. then you should become a certified Global Perceptiveness counselor.

To become a certified counselor, you need to be trained in the method of Global Perceptiveness, following certain standards.

Professionals in the fields of mental health, holistic therapies and personal empowerment, certified life and business coaches etc. have already been trained to implement the method of Global Perceptiveness in their own professional practice and many more are in the training stage. Contact us for more information and stay in touch for relevant briefing seminars organized at regular intervals.