Overcoming Obstacles!

Innovative seminars with practical tools to overcome whatever we feel that blocks us in our daily lives, whether it regards our relationships with others, stress, our fears, our self-confidence, our time management, or even our jobs and our finances.

  • Εμπόδια Τέλος!

It's easy to know what we want – to improve, to change, to strengthen, to banish from our lives...

The hard part is usually to succeed, to be effective.

Or is it not?

During the innovative multidisciplinary seminar Overcoming Obstacles! of Global Perceptiveness learn how...

  • to forgive yourself with understanding and acceptance.
  • to activate your healing power and acquire the strength of your lost balance
  • to acquire the passport for a life without stress
  • to conquer your fears
  • to discover the infinite potential of the female nature
  • to free yourself from concerns, toxic thoughts and emotions that hold you back
  • to become the woman you look up to with high self-esteem
  • to discover your strengths and put them to action in order to accomplish your goals
  • to go to the next level and improve immediately your quality of life!  

Choose the single-session seminars with the subject that suits you and understand why at Global Perceptiveness we see difficulties as challenges and opportunities for evolution, rather than obstacles.

You will experience yourself our way for expanding perception by getting to know the 3 keys of our method and by putting them into practice; by getting acquainted with the relevant each time theoretical background as well as with the corresponding exercises of inspired geometry; by gaining access to personalized tips and techniques. In short, you will realize that by changing our way of thinking and our way of seeing things, we change the way we live our daily lives. We guarantee you, it’s a life-transforming experience!

The Overcoming Obstacles! seminar consists of a number of single-session seminars, with various subjects. All seminars take place in flexible hours, they last 3 hours each and have affordable entry fees. Overcoming Obstacles! seminars, are conducted in various locations including our premises in Eleusis and selected locations in the center of Athens, but also throughout Greece by our certified councelors. 
By attending at least six (6) of the seminars below, you qualify for the 2nd cycle of our School! 

Find below the  seminars suitable for you: