Our trainers

Eleni Aikaterini

Γεννήθηκε  το 1976 στην Ελευσίνα όπου διαμένει μέχρι σήμερα από αγάπη σε αυτή την πόλη και την ιστορία της.

Ανήσυχο πνεύμα από μικρή, έψαχνε με κάθε δράση της πέρα από το συμβατικό. Η αναζήτηση και η αγάπη για τον άνθρωπο την οδήγησε στο τμήμα Κοινωνιολογίας του Πάντειου Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών από το οποίο και αποφοίτησε.

Maria Vei

Γεννήθηκε το 1982 στον Κορυδαλλό και μεγάλωσε σε μια ήσυχη γειτονιά της Νίκαιας. Από νεαρή ηλικία καταλαβαίνει την αγάπη της τόσο για την μελέτη της ιστορίας όσο και για την παρατήρηση των ανθρώπινων συμπεριφορών. Το 2000 αρχίζει να φοιτά στο τμήμα Ιστορίας & Αρχαιολογίας του Πανεπιστημίου Ιωαννίνων αλλά πολύ γρήγορα αντιλαμβάνεται πως η ανάγκη της να απαντήσει στα βαθειά ερωτήματα για την συμπεριφορά και την εξέλιξη του ανθρώπου είναι μεγαλύτερη.

Athanasios Antoniou

A Global Perceptiveness counselor, and coordinator of the "Overcome your Fears and be Free!" seminar. 
His favorite quote is, “experience is the biggest truth that someone can share!”.


Athanasios was born in Patra in 1969. As a Hellenic Air Force officer, he received numerous recognitions. After departing from the Air Force he entered the private sector with successful business ventures of his own.

Christina Kostolia

A Global Perceptiveness councelor and the coordinator of the "The Art of Female Confodence" seminar.


Christina was born in 1979 in Kalamata, Greece. In 2009 she began to attend sessions at the Global Perceptiveness faculty. A year later, she began her studies at the Mediterranean College, from where she received the Higher National Diploma in Counseling and Psychology.

Thomas Fylios

Global Perceptiveness counselor of the spiritual/mental sector with an expertise in therapeutic self-awareness. He teaches at the School and coordinates the first two levels of the "Harmonization and Balancing Through the Five Elements" seminar as well as the "Power and Strength" seminar.


Maria Ventouri

As a Global Perceptiveness counselor she develops techniques that lead to self-actualization. She provides effective guidance on goal determination and accomplishment at group sessions and seminars. She coordinates the «Achieve my goals with precision» sector of the Management of Everyday Life field of the Academy. 
She believes that “Human beings have the power to give Life to their Lives, by putting to their Wants the Consciousness of I Can, with Undefeated Determination!”.

Vasiliki Kriekouki

As a Global Perceptiveness counselor and supervisor of the spiritual/mental sector, she teaches at all annual cycles of the School. She loves sacred geometry, writing and the expression of harmony through art.


Vasiliki was born in 1978 and raised in Eleusis. She strongly believes that every place has its hidden treasures. Her family’s origin from Asia Minor plays an important role to her quest for the “homeland” of her heart.