Dr. Maria Leventi

"I was born in Eleusis, which today is an industrial city, but in the past, it was a sacred town: it was the town of Aeschylus, Demeter, Persephone and the Eleusinian Mysteries. Since I was a child, I had three characteristics: I wanted to help those around me, I was intensely attracted to the unknown and was constantly seeking answers to every possible ‘why’. So, wanting to explore the depths of the human soul and looking for answers to my existential questions, when the time came to choose my career path, psychiatry was a one-way street.

Dr. Yoannis Karlaouzos

"I was born in Athens in 1957 and entered the arena of life quite early, since I started working at the age of 11, along with school. I began my studies in 1977, at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in Australia, and with the help of my two philhellene professors I conducted a research on the Pythagorean geometrical shapes and the geometrical solids of Plato, in order to decode the intelligence they included. As part of my research, I conceived my first inspiration for the use of the geometrical shapes in active contemplation.